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Introducing: SMT ActiveCampaign Integration Service
Your Client Relationship Management (CRM) system is a critical piece of your marketing system. The CRM is like the air traffic controller for your marketing, sales and customer service teams. 

Your CRM connects to your website (stores or apps), captures incoming sales prospects info, manages lists, deliveres digital lead magnets, houses client information, delivers emails and newsletters. 

Over the last 10 years, SMT has owned and/or evaluated over 18 different CRM systems, such as: 
SMT ActiveCampaign integration Service Overview
SalesForce, Keap, Sharp Spring, Hubspot, Service Monster, Jobber, Core2, Honeybook, Monday, and Zoho. Out of the CRMs we evaluated, ActiveCampaign was our #1 pick.  

ActiveCampaign came out as our top because it is very powerful, simple to use, and an excellent value for the small monthly investment. ActiveCampaign has over 150,000 companies using its software. We are one of the 150,000 that use ActiveCampaign.

The ActiveCampaign software is scalable, robust, and performs consistently well over time. As a fundamental part of your marketing system, it will improve your organization's productivity, and efficiency and meet your unique organizational needs through the use of programs that integrate with it.

Getting started with ActiveCampaign is simple. With the SMT ActiveCampaign Integration service, the setup is done for you. You can be up and running in as quickly as a few days. Here are the steps:
You can add a video on this page to insert some personality and connection, along with explaining what services you offer.
Discovery and Objectives
Once the order is placed, we will review the information gathered during the sales process and, schedule our Discovery and Objectives meeting. A pre-meeting questionnaire will be sent out in advance of the meeting. It will ask things like the number of users, names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

The meeting is held via Zoom so it can be recorded. Other than the questionnaire answers, there shouldn't be anything else you need to bring to the meeting. Simply have your computer ready at the appointed time and click the meeting link in the invitation. We look forward to meeting with you and hearing your initial objectives.
ActiveCampaign Setup and Configuration
With the details gathered, our team goes to work to set up and configure your CRM to get you on the path of a more organized and efficient marketing system. The following are the various tasks that are completed during this process:
  • System logo: We personalize your system and communications to your brand.
  • Users: Each member in your sales and marketing team will be set up so their interactions and efforts can be properly tracked.
  • Regular email signatures: Once the users are in the system, we will go in and update their email signature so their contact information is always present on the messages they send
  • Data fields: We set up and configure additional custom fields in the system so you can track a full profile of your customers and prospects.
  • ​Lead source list: We load your main lead sources in the system so that you can always analyze your contacts by source.
  • Tagging (up to 10 tags): The contacts in your CRM can be tagged so that you can create audience segments. We will have up to 10 tags ready for you to use.
  • Saved response email template: We will set up one saved response for the primary user so that quick replies can be sent with just a few clicks.
  • Campaign template: We will create a branded message shell for any campaign communications that you want to send to your contacts. Just fill in your message when you're ready.
  • Deliverability enhancements: For your emails to reach their destination a couple updates are recommended for your DNS. We will make the updates directly if you give us access or send the details to your IT person to make the necessary additions.
Import of Contacts
The value of your CRM is directly proportional to the contacts in your list. We want for you to get started seeing the benefits of the CRM right away, so not only will we have the system configured and ready to use, but we'll go one step further. If available we will clean up your contact list and import all the prospects and customers that you provide us into the system up to your contact limit.
Website Integration
Because the objective of a CRM is to remove manual steps in your prospecting, sales and marketing, we will update your website's lead generation contact form to drop those contacts right into ActiveCampaign. Additionally, we will create your first automation for these contacts with a single email automated follow-up.
Now that everything's shiny, happy, and ready to roll, we put the power in your hands by completing an overview tour on how to use the basic features in the CRM. ActiveCampaign has comprehensive help available and provides direct support. However, if you need additional help, SMT offers monthly support packages.
Marketing is part art and part science. WE DO NOT guarantee revenue goals. That’s just not fair to ask of your marketing company, since we are only one part of the business equation. Any client who has worked with us will tell you that we are 100% committed to your success. Once you become our client you will be under our care and protection.

In order to work with us, it needs to be a good fit. We don't work with just anyone, and there are some companies we are not able to help. If after we've reviewed your questionnaire we feel it is either not a good fit or we can't help, we'll let you know within 48 business hours and issue an immediate refund. If we are a good fit, we'll proceed and chances are we'll be friends for life.
Here is How To Order
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